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w w w. p e r k i n e l m e r. c o mThis application note demonstratesthe use of a new sample-introduction technology (incorporated inthe PerkinElmer® TurboMatrix™HS-110 Trap) for U.S. EPA Method8260B. The TurboMatrix HS-110Trap is an...
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Application NoteEnvironmentalDetermination of Volatile OrganicCompounds in Soil and SedimentsUsing an Agilent 7697A Headspace Sampler,8890 GC, and 5977B GC/MSD combined platformAuthorZhang JieAgilent Technologies Co. LtdShanghaiAbstractThe accurate detection of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in contaminated soiland sediment is of particular importance. The...
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soil, soilheadspace, headspacepass, passvocs, vocshes, hesmsd, msdlod, lodsediments, sedimentsloop, loopministry, ministryvolatile, volatileion, ionvial, vialorganic, organicwere
Application NoteEnvironmentalVolatile Organic Compounds Analysisin Soils and Sediments Using theAgilent 8697 Headspace SamplerAuthorJie ZhangAgilent Technologies(Shanghai) Co., Ltd, ChinaAbstractThis application note describes volatile organic compounds analysis in soil andsediments using the Agilent 8697 headspace sampler, 8860 GC, and 5977BGC/MSD system. The...
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soil, soilvocs, vocssediments, sedimentspass, passheadspace, headspacerelative, relativevial, vialloop, loopresponses, responsesloq, loqcompounds, compoundscounts, countswere, werefill, fillverified
APPLICATION NOTE73742A consolidated method for the analysis of VOCs insoil by HS-GC-MS in analytical testing laboratoriesAuthors: David Lee and Cristian CojocariuThermo Fisher Scientific, Runcorn, UKKeywords: Gas chromatography, GC,valve and loop, headspace, TriPlus 500 HS,single quadrupole mass spectrometer,ISQ 7000, MS, soil,...
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