Determination of Volatile Organic Compounds in Soil and Sediments

Aplikace | 2019 | Agilent TechnologiesInstrumentace
GC/MSD, HeadSpace, GC/SQ
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Application NoteEnvironmentalVolatile Organic Compounds Analysisin Soils and Sediments Using theAgilent 8697 Headspace SamplerAuthorJie ZhangAgilent Technologies(Shanghai) Co., Ltd, ChinaAbstractThis application note describes volatile organic compounds analysis in soil andsediments using the Agilent 8697 headspace sampler, 8860 GC, and 5977BGC/MSD system. The...
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soil, soilvocs, vocssediments, sedimentspass, passheadspace, headspacerelative, relativevial, vialloop, loopresponses, responsesloq, loqcompounds, compoundscounts, countswere, werefill, fillverified
Advances in Food Testing &Environmental AnalysisApplication Compendium Table of ContentsThis application compendium outlines a range of methods from food andbeverage testing to dioxin and volatile organic compounds analysis. Click on thetitles below for full details...Determination of 2-MCPD and 3-MCPD Fatty Acid...
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spme, spmesmoke, smokeguaiacol, guaiacolwere, werecresol, cresolsample, samplecounts, countsheadspace, headspacemethod, methodted, tedcalibration, calibrationcompounds, compoundshfbi, hfbivolatile, volatileacquisition
Application NoteEnvironmentalFast Volatile Organic CompoundAnalysis of Drinking Water Using theAgilent 8697 Headspace Sampler inTandem with Intuvo 9000 GC and5977B GC/MSDAuthorJie ZhangAgilent Technologies(Shanghai) Co., Ltd, ChinaAbstractThis application note describes the volatile organic compound (VOC) analysisof drinking water using the Agilent 8697...
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butylbenzene, butylbenzenetert, tertrelative, relativechloride, chloridescan, scanmode, modebromomethane, bromomethanesim, simresponses, responsesdichlorodifluoromethane, dichlorodifluoromethanetrichlorofluoromethane, trichlorofluoromethanechloroethane, chloroethanebromochloromethane, bromochloromethaneisopropylbenzene, isopropylbenzenetrichloroethylene
Application NoteEnvironmentalVolatile Organic Compound Analysisin Water Following HJ810-2016Using an Agilent 8697 Headspace Sampler -XL Traywith an Agilent 8860 GC System and 5977B MSDAuthorAbstractZhang JieAgilent Technologies(Shanghai) Co. Ltd.A group of 55 representative volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in water wereanalyzed by an...
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butylbenzene, butylbenzenerelative, relativemsd, msdchloride, chloridebromodichloromethane, bromodichloromethaneisopropylbenzene, isopropylbenzenepass, passhexachlorobutadiene, hexachlorobutadieneresponse, responsedibromomethane, dibromomethanebromobenzene, bromobenzenebromochloromethane, bromochloromethanemethylene, methylenetrichloroethylene, trichloroethylenechloroform