Fatty Acid Methyl Esters in B100 Biodiesel by Gas Chromatography (Modified EN 14103)

Aplikace | 2012 | PerkinElmerInstrumentace
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APPLICATION NOTEEN 14103 Determination of total FAME andlinolenic acid methyl ester in FAME with ACBiodiesel All in One Solution•••Complies to EN 14103:2011Included QC materials sampleDedicated Software for Biodieselspecific reportingKeywords:FAME, EN 14103, All-in-one Biodiesel,linolenic acid, FID-detection.INTRODUCTIONBiodiesel is the “green” equivalent for...
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Biodiesel patterns reflect
APPLICATIONShimadzu News 1/2008Biodiesel patterns reflectFigure 1: Structural formula for linolenic acid methyl ester (methyl cis,cis,cis-9,12,Figure 2: GC-2010AF with AOC-20i+s15-octadecatrienoate)n the last years, biofuels havebecome well established asan independent source ofenergy in the industrial countries.The percentage of biofuels inthe energy mix...
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Determination of Total FAME andLinolenic Acid Methyl Esters inBiodiesel According to EN-14103Application NoteEnergy and FuelsAuthorIntroductionCoen DuvekotFor biodiesel to be used as a motor fuel or blended with petroleum diesel, itmust conform to standard specifications (ASTM D 6751 or EN-14214). Thereare...
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SEG-A-081Quality Control According to DIN EN 14103, 14105, 14110Application Book Volume 4Biodiesel Quality Control Application Book Volume 4Biodiesel Quality Control ContentsI.Determination of methanol in biodiesel5II.Fatty acid methyl esters (FAME)Determination of total ester content and linolenic acidmethyl ester contents9III.Determination of glycerol and glyceridesPart...
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