Resolving Industrial Solvent Mixtures on Packed and Capillary GC Columns

Příručky | 1997 | MerckInstrumentace
GC, GC kolony, Spotřební materiál
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Bulletin 816BAnalyze Trace Amounts of Solvents in Water UsingPacked Column GCGlass or stainless steel columns containing 80/120 CarbopackB/3% SP-1500 packing can be used to analyze water-basedsamples for ppm to low percentage levels of many organiccompounds. This bulletin describes minimum detection...
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Application Note2Analysis of Solvents in Industrial Atmospheresby Capillary GCSimilar structures and boiling points among airborne solventsmonitored in the workplace often require two GC columnsthat offer differing selectivities to separate and identify thesolvents collected. The highly polar SUPELCOWAX 10 capillarycolumn resolves...
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acetate, acetatecellosolve, cellosolvecresol, cresolmethyl, methylxylene, xyleneisoamyl, isoamylisobutyl, isobutylketone, ketonebutyl, butylsolvents, solventsethyl, ethylcyclohexanol, cyclohexanolatmospheres, atmospheresindustrial, industrialcyclohexanone
Packed Column GCApplication Guide Bulletin 890APacked Column GCApplication GuideThis guide to packed column applications provides information on thebest approach to designing your application. It includes helpfulinformation about packings, phases, tubing, and different types ofdeactivations. Nearly 200 different applications are organized according...
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595 North Harrison RoadBellefonte, PA 16823-0048 USATelephone 800-247-6628 ● 814-359-3441Fax 800-447-3044 ● 814-359-3044email: [email protected]/supelcoBulletin 858DPetroleum/Chemicals Application GuideThis guide contains up-to-date information aboutSupelco products and technology for separating hydrocarbons by chromatographic methods.Key Words● petroleum● PIANO● ASTM●●●chemicalsPONAPetrocol●●Detailed Hydrocarbons AnalysesNonpolar 50-Meter Capillary Column...
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