PrepAhead: how to master your time with GERSTEL Maestro software

Aplikace | 2018 | AnatuneInstrumentace
GC/MSD, HeadSpace, Příprava vzorků, GC/SQ
Metabolomika, Klinická analýza
Agilent Technologies, GERSTEL, Anatune
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Chromatography Technical Note No AS164SThe fully on-line automation of MOX-TMS derivatisation for metabolomicsapplicationsCamilla Liscio, Anatune Ltd., Girton, Cambridgeshire (UK).IntroductionMetabolomics studies often rely on gas chromatography-mass spectrometry(GC-MS) as analytical platform because of its reproducibility andchromatographic resolution power. However, differently from LC-MS...
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mox, moxtms, tmsmetabolomics, metabolomicsderivatisation, derivatisationmultiposition, multipositionprecipitation, precipitationfully, fullysilylation, silylationanhydrous, anhydrouspresence, presenceunknowns, unknownsprotein, proteinderivatives, derivativesgerstel, gerstelautomated
Chromatography Technical Note No AS172A Fully Automated On-line Forensic Toxicology Solution for theDetermination of Opioids in Blood by Smart SPE Clean-Up and GC-MSCamilla Liscio, Anatune Ltd., Girton, Cambridgeshire, UK.Introductionrecoveries of >99% can be achieved along with a significant reduction inbackground...
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dhc, dhcopiates, opiatesblood, bloodspe, spesmart, smartautomated, automateditsp, itspcodeine, codeinemorphine, morphinequalifier, qualifierintercept, interceptminiaturised, miniaturisedfully, fullyforensically, forensicallywere
Anatune LtdUnit 4, Wellbrook Court, Girton Road, Cambridge, CB3 0NA, UKTel: +44 (0) 1223279210 Fax: +44 (0) 1223279253Email: [email protected] Internet: © 2017 Anatune Ltd. All Rights Reserved.Anatune is a trademark of Anatune Ltd.Design of Experiment (DoE) and GERSTEL MultiPurpose...
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Use of automated sample preparation techniquesfor challenging sample by GC-MS Sean O’Connor• 7 Years Flavour Industry– GC-FID, GCMS• 11 ½ Years Unilever SEAC– LC, GC, GCMS, LCMS, GCQQQ,LCQQQ MPS• 1 Year Anatune– GC, GCMS, GCQQQ,GC/QTOF, MPS Anatune• Specialise in GC, MS andautomation...
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