Příručky | 2012 | PerkinElmerInstrumentace
GC, GC/MSD, Příprava vzorků, GC/SQ, LC/MS
Životní prostředí, Forenzní analýza a toxikologie, Klinická analýza
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Supra-Clean® and Supra-Poly®Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) Solutions Imagine how much faster, easier and more efficient your samplepreparation would be if your Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) solutions wereprecisely manufactured for guaranteed reproducibility. Not just columnto column. Not just batch to batch. But...
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THE RIGHT CONSUMABLESFOR BETTERCHROMATOGRAPHYINTERACTIVE PDFCLICK HERE TO VIEW THE MAIN INDEX2017–2018 Chromatography Consumables and SuppliesGC | LC | Mass Spec | Sample Preparation BETTER GC FOR THEMOST CRITICALAPPLICATIONS – YOURSSuperior sensitivity, capacity, and throughput – with flexibility tohandle more applicationsOur new...
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Thermo Scientific HyperSep ColumnsApplication Notebook – Issue 1, April 2011Removing Uncertaintyby Applying Science to SPEPharmaceutical/Biotech • Environmental • Forensics • Food Safety Table of ContentsIntroductionTable of ContentsThermo Scientific HyperSep Columns – Overview and Product Selection .................................................................. 10Pharmaceutical/BiotechApplicationsAcetaminophen in Calf SerumUsing 60mg...
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SAMPLEPREPARATIONMADE SIMPLESelection and Users GuideFiltrationQuEChERSProtein PrecipitationSolid Phase ExtractionSimplified Liquid ExtractionPhospholipid Removal / Protein Choose Your Sample Preparation SolutionSample preparation is crucial in achieving desired LC or GC analytical results. Sample matrix effects can result in an array ofinterferences which can...
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