Increased thermal stability and maximum temperature of the Agilent J&W DB-HeavyWAX column

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GC, GC kolony, Spotřební materiál
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Now There’s A WAX Column That Can Take The Heat
2018|Agilent Technologies|Ostatní
Now There’s A WAX ColumnThat Can Take The HeatIntroducing:Agilent J&W DB-HeavyWAX GC columnsExtend operating temperature limits whilemaintaining WAX selectivityProof of thermal stability: Standard WAX column vs.Agilent J&W DB-HeavyWAX columnWAX GC columns can be used for a wide variety of applications—Standard...
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Application NoteEnergy and ChemicalReduced carryover and improvedreproducibility in pyrolysis gasolineASTM D6563 analysisUsing an Agilent J&W DB-HeavyWAX gaschromatography columnAuthorVanessa AbercrombieAbstractThis Application Note evaluates the performance of the Agilent J&W DB-HeavyWAXcolumn for the analysis of pyrolysis gasoline. This analysis is challenging dueto...
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New High Temperature PEG GC Column with Increased Temperature Limitand Ultra-Low Bleed LevelIntroductionToday’s demanding GC and GC/MS applications mainly focus onsensitive and reproducible qualitative and quantitative analysis ofmore challenging analytes. Gas chromatography columns basedon 100% Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) stationary phase,...
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WAX Column Technology Update
2018|Agilent Technologies|Prezentace
WAX Column Technology UpdateMark SinnottAugust 14, 20181August 14, 2018Agilent J&W DB-HeavyWAX WAX Column Update• What is a WAX column?• Traditional WAX Phases••••••2DB-WAXHP-INNOWAXVF-WAX MSCP-WAX 52/57 CBDB/HP-FFAP (acid modified)CAM (base modified)August 14, 2018Agilent J&W DB-HeavyWAX• NEW(er) Wax phases•••••INNOWaxCP-WAX 52 CBDB-WAX UIDB-FATWAX UIDB-HeavyWAX• Applications•••Food/FlavorsOrganic...
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