Improvement of Temperature Profile at Py-GC Interface by Heat Sink Adaptor and Reduction of Memory Effect for Low and Reactive Volatile Components

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Multi-functional Pyrolyzer® Technical Note( PYT-026E )Improvement of Temperature Profile at Py-GC Interface andYield Enhancement of High Boiling Components by Heat Sink AdaptorBackground] The temperature “trough” at the Py-GC interface gives rise to a reduced reproducibility of pyrograms andmemory effects in...
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Frontier Lab Multi-Shot Pyrolyzer ® EGA/PY-3030D
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Multi-Shot Pyrolyzer ®EGA/PY-3030DFlexibleVersatileReproducible Why Evolved Gas Analysis?Why Pyrolysis?Today, analytical pyrolysis encompasses much morethan simple flash pyrolysis of polymeric materials.Virtually any material (liquid or solid) can becharacterized using an array of techniques, whichare designed into a modern day, Multi-FunctionalPyrolysis System. Consider how...
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Designed exclusively for isothermal applicationsSINGLE-SHOT PYROLYZER< PY-3030 S >High performance and high reliabilityWorks with a variety of sample formsEasy operation and maintenance Single-Shot Pyrolyzer “PY-3030 S”Pyrolysis gas chromatography (Py-GC) allows the analysis of small amounts of polymeric samples in a wide...
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Microplastics Analysis using Micro-FurnacePyrolyzer and F-Search MPs SoftwareCopyright © 2023 Frontier Laboratories Ltd. What are microplastics?Microplastics (MPs) are tiny plastic particles that measure less than five millimeters across. They result from the breakdown of largercommercial plastic products. Some microplastics have formed...
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