From ppt to high Levels of Residual Solvents in Food Packaging through HS-GC-FID

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RESIDUAL SOLVENTS IN FOOD PACKAGINGFood Packaging Analysis through Dynamic Headspace SamplingAPPLICATION NOTE AN_174IntroductionThe contamination caused by the contact ofpackaging with foodstuffs is a concrete risk forhuman health and can affect the quality of foodstuffthemselves. Two aspects are usually considered:one is...
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RESIDUAL SOLVENTS IN FOOD PACKAGINGFood Packaging Analysis through Static Headspace SamplingAPPLICATION NOTEIntroductionThe monitoring of packaging materials isbecoming one of the most important target in thefood industry.The DANI Master SHS Static Headspace Samplerpermits the complete automatic sampling into theanalytical system: the...
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RESIDUAL SOLVENTS IN FOOD PACKAGINGDHS Dynamic Headspace Sampler & Static Headspace Sampler ApproachesAPPLICATION NOTE AN_176IntroductionThe increased awerness for safe and not contaminatedfood has led the food safety monitoring to become oneof the most important applications for the analyticalchemistry.Food packaging can...
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APPLICATION NOTE 10689Rapid qualitative and quantitative analysis of residualsolvents in food packaging by static headspacecoupled to GC-FID/MSAuthorsGiulia Riccardino andCristian CojocariuThermo Fisher Scientific,Runcorn, UKKeywordsResidual solvents, flexible foodpackaging, food safety, valveand loop, headspace-gaschromatography, HS-GC, multipleheadspace extraction, MHE, flameionization detector, FID, massspectrometer detector,...
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