What’s in Your Beer? GC/MS Static Head Space with a DB-624 Ultra Inert Capillary GC Column

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GC/MSD, HeadSpace, GC/SQ, GC kolony, Spotřební materiál
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What’s in Your Beer? GC/MS Static Head Space with an Agilent J&W DB-624 Ultra Inert Capillary GC ColumnPittsburgh ConferencePoster# 1510-30PGary Lee1 and Kenneth Lynam2 (Agilent Technologies Inc. Folsom, CA1 , Wilmington DE2)AbstractStatic head space GC/MS is an excellent way to...
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ethyl, ethylacetate, acetatealcohol, alcoholisoamyl, isoamylisobutyl, isobutylacid, acidoctanoic, octanoicdecanoate, decanoatealdehyde, aldehydelinolool, linoloolacetyl, acetylhexanoate, hexanoatebeer, beeramyl, amylpropyl
Screen Beer by GC/MS StaticHeadspace with the Agilent J&WDB-624 Ultra Inert Capillary ColumnApplication NoteFood Testing & AgricultureAuthorKen LynamAgilent Technologies, Inc.AbstractThis application note highlights the utility of Agilent J&W DB-624UI columns forscreening select beers by static headspace GC/MS. The inertness of...
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acetate, acetateethyl, ethylacid, acidbeer, beeraldehyde, aldehydeoctanoic, octanoicisoamyl, isoamylflavor, flavorfermentation, fermentationisobutyl, isobutylamyl, amylbutanoic, butanoicalcohol, alcoholpropionic, propionicactive
What’s in Your Beer?Part 2: GC/MS Static Head Space with a Highly Inert 624 Capillary GC ColumnIntroductionSome ingredients in beer can be challenging toseparate and chromatograph. Common beer flavorcomponents include; fusel oils, aldehydes, esters, andorganic acids. The polarity of a...
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ethyl, ethylacetate, acetatealdehyde, aldehydeisobutyl, isobutylacid, acidalcohol, alcoholacetyl, acetylbeer, beerisoamyl, isoamylethanol, ethanolbeers, beersoctanoic, octanoicamly, amlychromatogram, chromatogramacetic
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